The Hard Truth Of Female DJs

Gender equality is becoming a rising issue in this country as individuals become more aware of the gender bias that affects both men and women.

Women in particular have difficulty gaining entrance and acceptance into industries that are traditionally male considered. The entertainment industry in particular has long been dominated by men and has left women on the fringe, making it difficult to hold roles as creators or decision-makers about the way that they are represented. 

Women in many industries, whether it’s technology, engineering banking or even the music industry face many challenges that men do not encounter. Women are constantly challenged on their knowledge about a topic, as well as their expertise and authority in a particular field.

There are few female performers at events and why female DJs fail to break to the top 10 lists of any kind beside female djs list. The reasons why females are unequal generally is because these unrevealed hard truth that cause well-deserving female Djs to be unequal. The hard truths which are unspoken are:

  1. UNDERESTIMATE OF TALENT; consistently women underestimate their own talents and abilities. There are amazing female Djs who underestimate their skills and value in the entertainment industry but are very good in mixing up the beat whereas there are many male Djs who have egos and yet they cannot hold it down when behind the decks. When you are a new DJ it is only natural to feel inferior to those that have paved the way for you and your confidence is not going to be so high but the truth is you have the ability to prove yourself and others wrong.
  2. SENIOR MEN MENTOR YOUNG MEN THAN YOUNG WOMEN: Men often gravitate towards helping younger men, with whom they connect more naturally. Women are likely to seek a mentorship from someone of the opposite sex this means there are fewer women who are mentored through their djing careers by leading male DJs. The solution here is to find other female Djs who can guide you through this journey. Female Djs are of the time generally also happy you reached out in the first place and are willing to share. From experience learning how to DJ is one thing, learning how to be a DJ is completely different challenge that is where mentors are invaluable.
  3. SUCCESSFUL WOMEN LESS APPRECIATED OR LIKED: Male DJs who successful are liked or appreciated than Female DJs who become successful. The easiest way to get people to like you through your journey of success is to treat people with respect and recognized them in your effort .The way to conquer this to be someone who does not need to discourage others to get or lift yourself up, this will make both women and men compels to respect for you for the work that you do and will have positive opinion of you as a person.
  4. SELECTION OF DJS: In the djng industry most of the club owners, promoters or event organizers, radio will select men DJs over the female DJs because they are men and we only involve female DJs when trying to put together ladies night the question here is that what is the draw? Should it really matter? The best way to showcase your value as DJ is to respect this male dominated network and demonstrate the benefits or importance of you and your music bring to complement their establishment. The solution is to learn to be at crowd interaction, communications with other people in the same industry and you should be dependable and reliable that both women and men will give testimonial not only on your talent but your character as well.

The Hard Truth Of Female DJs

Now that we glimpsed some of the subtleties of why women are held back in Djing, if you’re a female DJ reading this, you have one GOAL and you need to be BOLD TO STEP OUT FOR CHANGE TO GET RESULT.  

 Honest feedback from someone who has been down that road before, or something else to give you as boost in confidence. Does not have to be huge, but the truth is that when you work on something for too long without seeing any reward, you get discourage or demotivated that’s the last thing you want t to happen. What can you do to get that?

 First you must figure out what DJs you really look up to, in terms of music style, personal brand, attitude, and overall presence, in order to work out who you’d actually like to get some one-on-one straight-up DJ career talk from. Pick your one dream DJ mentor whose faction you love to be taken under, but also list five other DJs who you also love to get personal tips or knowledge from. They don’t have to be the biggest DJs in the country or world just respected names who you think would get you to achieve your DJing career in an outstanding direction.

After selecting the list of 5 DJs) you start to reach that connection based on respect. If this DJ is not in your area, you can definitely find them on Twitter, Face book or through their contact information found on their website. From there, tell them how they inspire you or why you really excavate their style. Now is not the time to ask them for anything, but rather this is the crucial step to show them how much of an impact on your career they have. Everyone likes to get praise from people they don’t know: no one likes to have to answer “Will you be my mentor?” What you’re doing here is starting something, and while you can’t know at this point what might come of it, trusts me: You get amazing things back once you start to give like this. Keep following and building on relationships with people within reach and the people they know. People are more receptive to meeting someone introduced by a trusted friend or associate.



Equally talented and ambitious, each of these women had to overcome career challenges to obtain the success they have today. While each success story has a unique track, there are no doubt these women have one thing in common—they’re not afraid to “mix” it up.

The Hard Truth Of Female DJs

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