Lady Jay Vows To Never Work With Juls Again

Ghanaian Neo-Soul Singer Lady Jay has vowed to never work with Juls again . She cited disrespect on the part of the UK-Based Ghanaian producer as the reason for her decision.

According to Lady Jay,  Juls gave an instrumental to an artiste named Boj for a song she is featured on. However , she recently discovered  the same instrumental had been given to another artiste. A situation that made the Venus hitmaker furious.

The singer who is currently in Canada made her displeasure known via her official twitter account.

She posted:


There are some people I will never work with again like Julz..

If u give my friend a beat n he works on it with me and u don’t tell both of us and u give it 2 another person that’s just plain disrespect.

Didn’t wanna say nothing but I am about to die clearly so gotta get it if my chest

I don’t care how long we took to put out the song but u have f**ked up julz u have and I will never ever f**k with u again.

I have blocked u n don’t need to see u on my timeline ….. good luck with ur success

U think u will always be blessed when u do s**t like that continue for now u have made an enemy n that’s me

Continue to do u me just want them to know I don’t f**k with u no more u gave away me n Bojs beat when u knew that we wanted to put it out.

U f***ed up.

Who the f**k gives away a beat with out telling the people who have worked on it before.

I am not the owner of the song but if I was I would be going about it differently.

Keep working on ur new project be careful the bridges u are burning to get to the top.

In ur way down u will meet us all again don’t u forget.

If I really wanted to b the b**ch that I know I can b I’ll release mine n see whose own is lit.

I die in a few days f**k what u think. “


Lady Jay Vows To Never Work With Juls Again

As per Lady Jay’s tweets , one begins to wonder if the instrumental in question had been paid for and for how long Lady Jay and Boj have had the instrumental in their possession without using it. 

Answers to these questions might explain the motive behind Juls withdrawing his instrumental.

Juls , is a BBnZ signed DJ/producer who is known for producing a number hit songs such as Mr Eazi’s Bankulize , Anointing , Skin Tight as well as Holl’Up.

Lady Jay Vows To Never Work With Juls Again