Teephlow Parts Ways With Hammer's 'The Last Two Music Group'

Legendary record producer Da’Hammer a few minutes ago revealed that fante rapper , Teephlow had parted ways with ‘The Last Two Music Group’. This came right after he had released ‘Effortless” the latest single off his upcoming album “The Last Of a Dying Breed”.

The announcement was made via his official facebook account which stated that Teephlow had ‘Graduated’ . He posted

” And with this http://bit.ly/2ftELGc Im glad to announce tht TeePhlow GH has graduated from The Last Two music and is moving on to greater heights… the world needs to watch out.. the beast is unleashed. I must say I enjoyed every second grooming this genius of a wordsmith. Help me wish him farewell ?????? “

Teephlow Parts Ways With Hammer’s ‘The Last Two Music Group’