Jayso Educates Fellow Producers On Publishing Percentages

Renowned Ghanaian record producer / artist & founder of Skillions , Jayso  took time to give fellow producers especially the upcoming ones , a much needed short education on Publishing Percentages and Split Sheets.


In a series of tweets , Jayso said:

” Dear Record Producer, If you want to understand how Publishing Percentages work & the use of Split Sheets, read: http://www.raclawfirm.com/split-sheets/.

Hey, we can negotiate publishing splits but you cannot shove your terms down my throat. If I’m the sole producer, I am ENTITLED to 50%.

For any song I did not produce on my album , I allocated 50% for myself as writer (lyrics) & 50% for the Producer (music).

Simplicity over Verbosity.

It is no secret that most music producers and beat makers in Ghana, especially the upcoming ones are completely oblivious about how to go about this. Most of these producers prioritize exposure and are often left devasted when that beat or production they did for free rakes in massive returns for the artiste while they are left with nothing to show for.  


As a matter of fact , most of these producers are yet to get their publishing done (assuming they know what publishing is).  Did you know music producers /beat makers are also considered as writers/composers? .

A split sheet ensures that you and each person you are co-writing with gets paid their fair percentage of publishing income; meaning, you will have your share whenever money is made from your production.


When asked if an artiste had tried to shove their terms down his throat and hence the tweet , Jayso responded by saying

“Nah. It’s about young producers getting the short end of the stick. I learned my lessons early.”


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Jayso Educates Fellow Producers On Publishing Percentages

Jayso Educates Fellow Producers On Publishing Percentages