Chow Ghana: Ghana's First Local Food Festival Slated For June 10

Chow Ghana is Ghana’s first local food festival that seeks to showcase the culture of Ghana mainly through traditional food, performances and display of art, culture and dance.

The event is slated for the 10th and 11th June 2017 that’s on a Saturday and Sunday and will be held at Venue Gh, located behind Tullow Oil at Dzorwulu.

Chow Ghana is envisioned to be a household event held annually to attract both locals and expatriates from all walks of life to come and have a feel of the First Ghanaian food festival.

Ghanaians love to defend their food to the death!  not to talk of Ghanaian Jollof and the endless rant around their favorite waakye spots, so we thought, why not bring theses favorite traditional meals together, foder creativity and birth happiness through food.

Another reason for creating this event was to

  • create excitement and around traditional food Ghanaians have grown up loving,
  • encourage art and talent
  • promoting the Ghanaian culture
  • Bringing Ghana’s favorite local meals together
  • Foster relationships, partnerships and creativity through food
  • Create and encourage a bond with Ghana’s food brands, making them the people’s first choice
  • promoting made in Ghana products, promoting local and international tourism in Ghana.

What to expect:

  • 100 exclusive vendors
  • Food forum
  • Dining experience ( happy hour)
  • Culture and dance parade & display
  • Fashion show
  • Music




How can we instil creativity & innovation in local food making? How can we better market, package and process our local food for global markets?
FASHION SHOW The Evolution of Ghanaian clothing/ fashion over time


Fashion from the different regions


HIGH LIFE PERFORMANCES/ARTISTE PERFORMANCES Afro-Jazz ( starting from 6pm). Cultural musicals/ Short drama (no words, just music)
GAMES Ludo, Oware, Counters ball, Dame

Foosball, Alikoto, Hopscotch

Eating competition, Soccer, Darts




EXHIBITION More than 100 local food vendors, made in Ghana producers, fashion designers, health practitioners, bloggers etc. showcasing their products to more than 4, 000 attendees.
DINING EXPERIENCE Live cooking demonstrations and fine dining. You will pick and choose from ten tasty dishes from 5 of Ghana’s finest Chefs all under one roof. Royal treatment as you explore some of Ghana’s finest local food offerings.

Event is organized by JUST FRESH:

Bringing together fascinating brands & exciting consumers to deliver great, themed experiences

[email protected]  0500002994/0245600275


Chow Ghana: Ghana’s First Local Food Festival Slated For June 10