dj mingle
DJ Mingle

Live FM Disc Jockey – DJ Mingle , has just revealed the theft of his belongings after his set at the ‘Dip and Splash’ Pool Party which took place at Tomreik Hotel.

He indicated that items in the bag stolen included his MacBook , Headphones , an undisclosed amount of cash and an ash iPhone 6s.

Luckily, the incident was caught on camera. In the CCTV footage released by DJ Mingle, the alleged thief is seen taking the bag. If you have any information on the gentleman , kindly contact DJ Mingle via 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Instagram & Snapchat : @iamdjmingle



 CCTV FOOTAGE: DJ Mingle Robbed at 'Dip and Splash' Pool Party

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