Africa’s Neo-Soul Architect, Ogranya, surprised fans with the release of “Swing” on November 23, 2023. The single, featuring Shorae Moore and produced by LordKnowz, reveals a new facet of the artist, embracing sensual lyrics and a captivating melody that explores carnal desires.

Co-written by Ogranya and Shorae Moore, “Swing” is a sultry mid-tempo R&B track infused with Afrobeats elements. It exudes a ‘classy sexy’ vibe, revolving around themes of physical attraction, indulging in passions, and the art of seduction.

In a departure from his usual conservative style, Ogranya took a more ‘mature’ approach with “Swing,” blending liberal expressionism. He expressed his desire to create something grown, sensual, and explicit, challenging the boundaries of his prudish writing style.

The single reflects Ogranya’s confidence and willingness to experiment, marking a shift from his previous projects where he solidified his position as Africa’s R&B Royalty. Ogranya shared that the female voice sampled after his verse is from notable Ghanaian singer Adomaa, whose unexpected contribution during the recording added a unique touch to the song.

“Swing” is a testament to Ogranya’s artistic evolution, seamlessly combining decadence with his signature style, resulting in a classy and sexy musical experience. Listen to “Swing” on your preferred platform to immerse yourself in this alluring creation.

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