The phenomenal Ghanaian female artist, Khalifina releases her first single of 2023. This record is a dreamy artistic piece which is out of the 3rd Dimension as every bit of portrays the exclusivity of her world of art which takes you on a relaxing trip into the 5th Dimension.

“Telepatia portrays my true love story of gods and goddesses on earth”, she says. This exceptional piece is her reality as she speaks about distance not being a barrier between herself and her lover as they are always together in the 5th Dimension and can communicate energetically even without words, as it usually happens on the 3-D level.

This record generally depicts her connectivity with her reality in relation to her art. Telepatia which means telepathy Was produced by Ayande, BEATICIDE and six26 teaming up with Magnom on the mixing of this record.

Stream/Download ‘Telepatia’ By Khalifina: