The phenomenal Ghanaian female artist, Khalifina also known as the Black Female Jesus) releases her next single. This record is artistically out of the world as every bit of portrays the exclusivity of her world of art.

“DTMV is a reflection of my mind, body and soul in Union with my art”, she says. This piece is one from her journal which speaks about finding balance in the light and dark, such two contrasting figures which sets off with her as she journeys through life.

Metaphorically, the song introduces to us what one such as herself is made of as she says “too much pain and peace made me” where she eludes “pain” and “peace” to “hell” and “heaven” respectfully. This record generally depicts her connectivity with her art.

DTMV was produced by Hvrtz Lab teaming up with Bobby Ema on the mixing and mastering of this record.

Stream/Download ‘DTMV (Don’t Touch My Vision)’: