Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur has released a new song titled “Penny” that features lyrics that reflect on his past struggles and his current success. The song touches on a range of topics, including his humble beginnings, the dangers he faced, and the newfound attention he receives.

In “Penny,” Kwesi Arthur reminisces about the days when he had to beg for even the smallest amount of money. He acknowledges that those times have passed, and his pockets are now heavy with the fruits of his labor. The rapper expresses his gratitude to God for guiding him through his struggles and bringing him to where he is today.

Despite his success, Kwesi Arthur does not forget the dangers he faced on his journey to the top. He refers to those who had ill intentions towards him as “pythons” and credits his resilience and determination for his survival. The rapper emphasizes the importance of gratitude and counting one’s blessings, saying that blessings will never go empty.

In addition to his personal struggles, Kwesi Arthur also touches on the attention he receives from women. He acknowledges that he has come a long way and is now in a position of power, with women begging for his attention. Despite this, he remains focused on his career and expresses his desire to continue thriving.

Kwesi Arthur’s “Penny” is a powerful anthem that celebrates the power of hard work and perseverance. Through his lyrics, he encourages his listeners to remain grateful for the blessings in their lives and to stay focused on their goals, even in the face of adversity. The song is a testament to Kwesi Arthur’s journey and his commitment to success.

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