Kwesi Arthur bares his truth in an emotionally charged new single ‘Pain Interlude’
Singer, rapper and songwriter Kwesi Arthur draws deep from his past and present to share his emotional stress with the world in a new single ‘Pain Interlude’.

The song which comes after a few weeks of a collaboration with Kofi Mole, is more introspective. The self-examining nature of the lyrics is not surprising as it is a characteristic of songs written by Kwesi Arthur.

The pain of betrayal, of lost friendship, of disbelieve by those who were supposed to see his dream and to help him achieve it, is channeled into this artful song. And in a time when loyalty is scarce, Kwesi shares his hurt about people who switched up on him.
Kwesi is open, blunt, honest and transparent about his internal battles with his relationships; relationships he thinks will never be the “same” but he chooses not to allow these experiences to wear him down. He pushes through the pain. And set aside the regrets as he sings:

I play with fire wey I get burned
Sadly, it’s the only way I fi learn
Still money man a fi earn

Kwesi pulls off one of his trademarks in ‘Pain Interlude.’ That is his effortless ability to motivate through his songs. Underneath this smooth but earnest tune is the motivation to live without letting the past and other hurtful experiences bog us down. Such positive vibes come in handy in these tough times.
‘Pain Interlude,’ a hip hop track, was produced by A SWXG.
The song, like the authenticity of undiluted love, grows on you with every listen.

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