The Musician, The Physician and The Beret

Adherents of the Rastafari movement often wear a very large knitted or crocheted black beret with red, gold and green circles atop their dreadlocks . The style is often erroneously called a kufi, after the skullcap known as kufune . They consider the beret and dreadlocks to be symbols of the biblical covenant of God with his chosen people, the “black Israelites”

In Ghana , one of the lovers of the beret is the award winning Musician & Physician Knii Lante aka Singer-Doc. He has over the under-gee years till now rocked the beautiful headgear made popular by greats like the revolutionary Che Guevera , who became recognized around the world with his famous image of the black beret with the golden star in the middle.

Often worn by the Military berets were first adopted by the French Chasseurs Alpins in 1889. After seeing these during the First World War, British General Hugh Elles proposed the beret for use by the newly formed Royal Tank Regiment, which needed headgear that would stay on while climbing in and out of the small hatches of tanks and armoured trucks.

Today in 2018 , there seems to be a fascination with the beret worn on military style amongst some musicians especially in Nigeria and Gh. Lately Wizkid, Runtown and many others have taken to it. They are spotted wearing it together with round fashionable spectacles . As much as it seems trendy and all swag , it is prudent to put in a few facts and throw it in the public that the “originator” of this round of the fashion within the context of music is probably the sweet voiced Musician-Physician, Knii Lante. Even some R&B artistes in the USA have also started wearing it .

In a recent interview with a fashion enthusiast , it was the interviewer who pointed out this fact to KNii who was oblivious to the fact that the craze he had ignited was catching on. The trademark Knii Lante look on Live stages from Reggae concerts to Jazz events all around Accra and in videos has been the beret worn in military style fashion, his shades, African print hoodie, camouflage shorts and his white surgical boots .

KNii Lante has for some years now had this as his identity ( plus now his Africanised Kimono and boots ) and is glad to have other great acts rocking it now as well. The beret revolution continues……. Get involved and rock yours. 🙂

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Knii Lante

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