The ABC Of Food, Fashion And Arts In Ghana

I do the “akwaaba dance” in my head every time I see people pushing the made-in-Ghana agenda! Yes! We are finally appreciating the beauty in Ghanaian culture: the food, the fashion, the art, the music and the community. It’s like a breath of fresh air!

Last year, we launched Ghana’s largest local food, fashion and art festival, CHOW GHANA. Chow Ghana seeks to showcase the culture of Ghana mainly through traditional food, fashion, tourism and a display of art, culture and dance.

  • Serving and building communities.
  • Promoting collaboration & partnerships.
  • Building strong ties and relationships.
  • Food, products, music, arts, culture.
  • Experience the best of Ghana.

Why Chow Ghana? The name “Chow” though originally meaning food, doubles as a Ghanaian pidgin slang popularly meaning ‘food’ to both locals and the educated who have a knack for speaking pidgin.

Hence the name, since it will be easily understood and adopted. Chow Ghana is also an attempt to promote Ghana to the rest of the world. Its rich culture, art, food, and tourism potentials will be displayed in continuous loop at the event.

Ghanaians love to defend their food to death! Not to talk of Ghanaian Jollof and the endless rant around their favorite waakye spots; so we thought, why not bring these favorite traditional meals together, foster creativity and birth happiness through food.

The ABC Of Food, Fashion And Arts In Ghana

Last year was great; but Chow Ghana 2018 will be even better! We will have a good variety of local food, fashion and art stands this year; but there’s more! Here’s what to expect this year:

1. Fashion Show, Music, Spoken Word and Comedy. We will also crown the Face of Chow Ghana 2018

2. Cultural Performances: Experience dance and music from all ten different regions in Ghana here at Chow Ghana

3. Entrepreneurs Hangout. Join us as we celebrate food and entrepreneurship .Network with some of Ghana’s finest and successful entrepreneurs and professionals. Want to start your own successful eatery? Come and learn from the experts.

4. Local game competitions: ludo, oware, dame (draught), alikoto, Kase (foosball), tumatu (hopscotch) and many more

5. Kid’s Corner: train rides bouncy castle, etc

6. Raffle draws and a lot of prizes to be won
CHOW GHANA is powered by JUST FRESH, a brand that represents everything food; food events, food discussions and food brands.

Grab your ticket from any of our sales points:

YFM, Accra Mall
Shik Collections, East Legon, near Palace Chinese Restaurant
Nourish Lab, Smoothy’s, Oxford Street, Osu
Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank), Labone
The Career Hub, Adenta, opposite Bond’s Square Gym
For enquiries call or Whatsapp 0205182360 or send us an email on [email protected]. Visit our website:

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