Ssnowbeatz Reflects: THIS IS MY LIFE (TiML)

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Ssnowbeatz”]TiML was my first Major project as a music producer, So many things inspired me to embark on this trip.[/blockquote]

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          First, as a music producer, I knew it was my duty to put some work out there for people to appreciate to know what I’m actually made of, and what I’m capable of.

          Secondly This Tape was made to help put new artiste on the map. Artiste with great skills and mad creativity skills. So I actually scouted the M.C.’s and selected them before the whole tape commenced.

          It took a year to finalize everything, thanks to my Team Gymoff Hitfactory Ghana (GHG). Mixed and Mastered by Konka, GHG’s executive Producer. GHG dropped TiML on 20th June 2015.the responds were so good and people accepted the tape with warm hands. We had music sites like, uploading the tape on their sites.


I imagined TiML breaking through and making waves in the entertainment sector, so far the number of downloads we have is quiet convincing a tape dropped by a Music producer like myself.


Still observing and monitoring the success of TiML. I think I have achieved my aim by bringing this tape out. I know I have inspired a few Producers and Artiste too.


I don’t really have a favorite song on TiML. I think I tackled a every song with the same amount of creativity. On the other hand, the fans have their own favorites, tracks like “Beast Mode” “I Dey Maintain” and “Screwdriver” keeps popping out.


Ssnowbeatz TiML Track List
Ssnowbeatz TiML Track List



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