Why 'Taiwo' is Trending

Suddenly the word ‘Taiwo’ is trending and this is the reason why :

Apparently , a lady with the twitter handle @MiriamShehu (who seems to have deactivated her twitter account) found out that her fiancé (Taiwo) for 3 years had done his traditional wedding last weekend and it wasn’t with her.

She made other shocking revelations including the fact that she paid for his M.Sc in Kingston. 

Why 'Taiwo' is Trending Why 'Taiwo' is Trending

The story took another twist when an account with the handle @taiwo_mask was created to straighten the story. No one can tell if this is the real Taiwo or not but this is what the account posted


I need to make some edits to the story @miriamshehu told y’all . I have a real Twitter account, had to open this anon account to explain what really went down. Else, you’ll end up messing my account.

Its possible for you to doubt this account, well I leave that to you. I feel I have the moral duty to explain my own self to the world

First, she was not engaged for 3 years, I proposed to her last year after dating for 3 years. Educated people should see the difference. Who stays engaged for that long in this our age anyways?

Miriam did a lot of things to and for me. She’s not the angel she paints herself to be. I had to take a recess from work to sign this account up, if I can’t finish this now, I’ll definitely by the fall of today.

Miriam did NOT single handedly finance my Masters’ programme…in total, I spent close to £5000, what is she? A philanthropist? Fine, she did take care of some bills and boxed me up when I needed credit. My parents and I financed my program. Make no mistakes .

That settles that part.

Just like a lot of relationships don’t work out, ours too just didn’t. Yes, I engaged her thinking o was ready to spend life with her.

I really did love her back then, but she did something very strange, shameful and unforgivable to me.  I won’t share the details because I don’t want to snitch on her or make her look unfit for subsequent suitors. I’m not that guy to discredit or spill your secret in the open just because we ain’t an item no more. So I keep her secret secret.

I never wanted to come back to 9ja to settle or work, but I had to leave coz d more I stayed around her, the harder my chances of movin on. She forced my hand by doing what she did. I really did love her and everyone around me saw it.

Some of you might ask why I didn’t breakup before leaving ….Miriam is very unpredictable. She could shoot me or sum’n.

I am no fraud. I’m a responsible guy. What I had with Miriam was real. I just had to leave because of her ‘secret’. I can’t marry someone I know has that ‘secret’ and love her with the entirety that I should. That was why I took a walk.

I wish her the very best in her future endeavors, btw, she should stop cursing or she may keep it at, I did her no wrong. Move on, dear.

If you have reasonable questions, you may ask me. 

These were some comments from twitter users regarding the story

Social Media RoundUp: Why ‘Taiwo’ is Trending

Social Media RoundUp: Why ‘Taiwo’ is Trending