Yung Fly

Yung Fly
Yung Fly
Born Date
June 6, 1993
Birth Place
Accra, Ghana
Year activate

Yung Fly  Biography

Michael Kwasi Marfo Tenkorang ,  better known by his stage name Yung Fly,  was born on the 6th of june 1993 and raised in Accra, Ghana. He has had what you can say is a “Dream Start” to his music production career , having produced for the Ghanaian music industry’s finest , after just 3 years of starting active production.

He has worked with the likes of Manifest , E.L , Jayso , Blackway , Gemini , Kojo Cue , Trebla , Dee Double , Dex Kwasi , etc.

Genres:  Hip Hop, Soul , RnB , Trap 


Yung Fly’s interest in music grew from childhood when his dad bought him a whole lot of records including that of Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre , Ludacris , Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes and more when returning from work. He also watched his mum sing in the choir. He believes unconsciously his parents were teaching him music or letting it grow in him.

Yung Fly always knew he would be making beats so he wasted no time when he got his first PC in 2011 , experimenting here and there as he had nobody to teach him. Ironically his parents especially his dad didn’t like the idea because they thought he was making noise and wasting electricity. Within a year after getting his PC,  he had already started making beats.


  • Yung Fly’s first placement was in 2013 when he produced M.anifest’s “someway bi”.

Well,  i was asked to send a couple of beats to M.anifest by Selasie , i sent one, he heard it and wanted to meet up with me, so we met at madina verbs during his 2012 “Rapper Of The Year” appreciation party. He asked to hear more so i sent another and that was the beat for someway bi 

Manifest’s “someway bi” ended up winning third place in the  R&B/ Hiphop category of The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2014. It also got numerous nominations in Ghana and beyond.



  • Yung Fly produced Bass and Akans In Italy off Dex Kwasi’s ‘Akata Yesu’ Album.
  • Yung Fly Produced the official soundtrack for popular Ghanaian TV Series ‘YOLO’.
  • Yung Fly Produced ‘Ozymandias’ off M.anifest’s ‘Nowhere Cool’ Album.


  • In 2015 , he did some production on EL’s BAR 2,  the songs he produced were – State Of The Nation Address, Wosop and 10 Rap Commandments.
  • He did some production on Mr Kweku Sintim-Misa (KSM)son Yaw Sintim-Misa (Blackway) Album, Radiant Child Reloaded – Iced Tea and Assassins Creed
  • Yung Fly released “Opus To Ebo Taylor” Click Here To Read More


    • Yung  Fly did some production for Kojo Cue on his ” The Shining” Mixtape . Songs he produced on the mixtape included – Ewiase, Bantama Blues 1 & 2, Redrum , Airmail Interlude.
    • He Produced the intro (Dopest Rapper) for Gemini’s Mixtape , and the tape was named after that song.
    • Yung Fly also Produced JaySo’s “The Truth”


Yung Fly Instrumentals



Yung Fly's Productions




Locally , Yung Fly takes inspiration from Hammer, Jay So and Richie. Internationally, he takes inspiration from Old School producers like Just Blaze, J Dilla, Timberland, Kanye West , as well as New School Producers like Cardiak, Merto Booming, Lex Luger, 808 Mafia.


You can reach Yung Fly via E-mail at  [email protected]





Leo Mensa x Sister Deborah - Mediwo Bone

9 thoughts on “Yung Fly”

  1. Stunner roley says:

    Everything nice , Yung Fly keep the spirit if high standards salute

  2. Yung Fly says:

    salute right back at you boss

  3. Judith Edem Obiri-Okae says:

    Hello dear. I’m so proud of u. U’re clocking heights and u’ll go far. I’ve seen ur determination. Keep it up.

  4. Jebi says:

    Proud of u lil man

  5. Yung Fly says:

    Thanks bro

  6. Kobi King says:

    mehn .. Yung Fly, U are dope as hell, and please i wanna know if i can get the Feliberation instrumental please

  7. Yung Fly says:

    Thanks bro, you can get it off my soundcloud

  8. Chief Kellz says:

    God bless this Genius….You be Big Insipiration Bro….Bless your works and I pray God take you to even Greater height ! However I want work plus you tho….Loool Check out my new tape “Trap Nights In KentinKrono”

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