Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono  Biography

A Tema resident from birth, Yaa Pono has quickly risen to become not just Ghana’s but one of Africa’s premier and best loved freestyle hip hop artists.

His fast wit, natural charisma, use of the Akan language and sharp social observations are some of the reasons behind Pono’s championing on the social media site, YouTube, by his legion of fans. Blending these elements with highlife, hip hop, dancehall and afrobeat rhythms demonstrates Pono’s true versatility. His re-emergence as Ghana’s most respected rapper (and singer) is set.

After appearing on several local radio shows and competitions, Yaa Pono entered the studio in 1995. He can count artists such as Sarkodie, Stay Jay, Guru, D Cryme and Chris Waddle among his contemporaries as they often appeared together at gigs. Dr. Duncan’s ‘Kasahari Level’ show proved the platform for bringing Pono’s unparalled skill to the World.

Yaa Pono Biography Profile

Joining Ghana’s esteemed Pidgen Music record label in 2009, offered Pono more opportunities to develop and broaden his creative repertoire whilst working with the finest producers in the country.

“Yaa Pono is the best live performer in the whole World! This is not an exaggeration!” FOKN Bois

2007 “The Psalms” Mix tape
2007 “007”
2011 “Shopping Mall”
2012 “I dey feel you die”
2012 “Go Harder”
2013 “Bayla Trap” (Original Mix)
2013 “Tare Tare”

Uptown Energy Crew
• Agyen Kay
• Glenn
• Jedidid
• Joe Black
• Ohene Amoako
• Shuga Kwame
• Screech
• Skutasas

Bookings, Interviews, Press and Management (International):

Yaa Addo – YAVA Global Ltd.
Tel: Ghana: +233 (0)202 044 570 UK: +44 (0)7435 537 293

Email: [email protected]



Bookings & Interviews (Ghana):

Joseph Adinortey Puplampu (Joe Black) – Uptown Energy

Tel: Ghana: +233(0)200 811 083 +233(0)246 381 654

Email: [email protected]


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DJ 3Point – Made in Taadi Mixtape (Kofi Kinaata Mixtape 2020)
DJ Manni – Shatta Wale The Last Don Mixtape 2020
DJ Manni – Shatta Wale The Last Don Mixtape 2020
Stonebwoy - 1GAD
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10 thoughts on “Yaa Pono”

  1. Doh Isaac says:

    I soll my whole to Yaa Pono# Yaa Pono Is My God Father I Will Do Anything To Do Music And Futher Him Be I Die

  2. Giovanni QUANSAH says:

    I’m Giovanni QUANSAH and I’m from golf city I just want say I aah dey feel your music #faster than gods

  3. Junior Vanclay says:

    No amount of words can be used to describe you….u ar too much boss

  4. Yak boi----the CEO of MUK BOYZ says:

    always standing by him…We bad

  5. Duunbil Yakub Jonah Babayaro says:

    MUK BOYZ…..we always stand by you and love you too much we will never go back till six fit….from the CEO of MUK BOYZ …DUUNBIL YAKUB!!!!YAK BOI….WE BAD!!! FASTER THAN gods.

  6. David says:

    pono forget everybody cos i be next to u,everything about us is the same and sometimes i taught u are my brother

  7. Sammy Kay Gh says:

    Pono is my favorite artist in the world. Ghetto youth feel you paaa, high grade enter my brain. Pono biom

  8. Mumlikes kvng Scaviou Gh says:

    Dem Say We Bad We Bad Ampa .Charlie Am Dying 4 Ur Album Faster Than Gods Keep It Up!!!!””

  9. pono biom says:

    am emmanuel pono biom andoh 4rom cape coast, #fasterThan#gods# uptown energy….we bad…i listen to my people,,n ma people listen to me

  10. Oscar says:

    Am Oscar Akantara De flexy Cardochi.Pono wan no size #tyt*am faster than air #hot.

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