“808s on steroids” is a fitting description for ToxiqBeatz.

Genres:  Afro , Gospel, Hip Hop, House, RnB

Toxiqbeatz started making beats back in 2009 with influences from Drumma Boi, Polow da don, The Runners, No ID, Jahlil beats, Cardiak, All Star, Timbaland, Killbeatz and Richie of Lynx entertainment. He maintains the notion that music is diverse and so producers should try as much as possible not to restrict themselves to only one type of genre. Be my guest to witness this for yourself as you listen to his instrumentals.

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”ToxiqBeatz”] I have loved music all my life. I used to play the alto horn, trumpet and tenor drums back in primary school for my school orchestra but beatmaking really hit me in 2009 upon hearing the beat Richie produced for Asem’s “gimmie blow”.[/blockquote]


Toxiqbeatz has worked with a couple of artistes such Guru, Gasmilla, Teephlow, ModuloTheGaBwoy, Tribal Magz from the UK, MutomboDaPoet, Vibesquad UK, Knero from US, Miss Bess from the Netherlands, Kinpee, Barima pages, OBJ, etc.

”  My very first beatmaking software was ImageLine’s fruity loops 8 which I got from a colleague working at 2131. I tried my hands on it and I tell you, it was hell. All I could see was a coloured interface that looked like a video game with knobs and patterns. Is this pinball or what? It was a try and error affair between my baby(fruity loops) n I till I got hold of it after some months.

The road has not been easy. Over the years, With persistent hardwork, determination and tips from fellow producers I interacted with such as BoatzMadeIt from UK, Gafacci, SnowBeatz, KwameBeatz, PhingersGH (just to mention a few), I succeeded.

I think music is dynamic these days and you need to stick to your own styles and not follow what trends. The instrumental of a a hit song serves as a nidus on which vocals are laid upon. This is more emphasized when you see two individuals listening to a song: A beatmaker and a music lover. The former sits down, keeps quiet, holds the chin and savours every bit of it from start to end whilst the latter jumps around shouting ‘e dey be oo’ just after 5 seconds of listening it. All I can say to the upcoming beatmakers is that failure is not final. It’s the courage to continue that counts. Keep your chin up.”


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