Konadu Kennedy Garfield is a Ghanaian Music Producer and Musician Born August 12,1994. He currently lives in Accra. He is a lead artist of a founded group in Kotobabi named C.M and known for producing “mabr3” and “God” by sbeirg featuring Koo Ntakra and Fimfim Respectively

Genres:  Hip Hop,Trap,Afro Pop,Reggae

Labels: None

Associated Acts: Sbeirg,Bra Mantse, Two Bars, Hym & Apollo, Koo Ntakra, Kastilo, Hollick, Don Chyna

His beats are usually Trap oriented well known for his heavy use of hard hitting 808’s, crisp snare drums, frantic synthesizers, sinister and rhythmic Danny Elfman-like bombastic ominous orchestration of synthesized brass, stringed, woodwind, and keyboard instruments commonly incorporated throughout his productions.



As a child,I was always found creating sounds with my fingers.

Born in Togo and raised in Burkina Faso, Sean Kay moved to Ghana at the age of 15 with no knowledge of the English language or whatsoever. After a couple years of education, he met fellow producer Akez Beatz. He was then  introduced to the famous programming software Fruity Loops Now FL studio which he still use for beats and Cubase for vocals. At the time, he was only trying to remake beats to famous instrumentals that he liked from his favorite rappers, and he got good at.
Along the line, he met Rapper Bra Mantse and Producer King Of Accra who believed in his potentials,and started working on beats that he  had produced.

He has had the chance to receive coaching from producers such as King Of Accra, Ghost 88, Fita, Khassidy and spain based producer Unas Beatz.


In early January 2016, He remade the popular instrumental for Sarkodie’s ” Hand to Mouth”  which has seen reviews from Sarkodie himself and have had records from artists Such as Bra Mantse Wyse  Brayne, DNA among

Sean Kay Has also produced the following songs

Sean Kay – Blessings

Sbeirg- Mabr3 Featuring Koo Ntakra

Sbeirg- God Featuring Fimfim

Bra Mantse- Akwaaba

Bra Mantse- Build A house (Hand to Mouth Cover)

Capo Randy ft Laim – Dat Gyal

Hym & Apollo- Emancipation

Sbeirg Featuring Chiki- Rap Lesson

Hollick Ft Exodus, Plynes & Sean Kay- Born Stunna


As a New School producer ,he crafts his beats with an unique style after having various influences  from top Producers Sonny Digital, Mike Will Made-it, Lex Luger, Gaffaci ,  Zaytoven , Johnny Juliano , Just Blaze just to mention a few.


For Bookings/Beats Contact Sean Kay :

[contactinfo email=” EMAIL: [email protected]” ] 

[contactinfo phone=” PHONE: +23324794351″ ] 

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