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NeL Magnum
NeL Magnum

NeL Magnum  Biography

He’s James Bond with headphones and a bald scalp. He keeps surprising and pulling amazing stunts with sounds that a lot couldn’t conceive.  Some think he cheats, others just think he’s a big bluff. But the few who know him well such as his ghostly friend know very well that he reigns to rise, and not to ruin.


He’s …

NeL Magnum, aka Ebo Quansah. A Fante born Gemini who believes very well that one day he’ll unite the world with just one music. His eccentric and funny demeanor brings a lot of friends to this humble man. He works as a producer at Villain Sounds, formerly he was at Mixdown Studios.

Genres: Rock, Hip hop, Soul, R&B, Blues, jingles

NeL Magnum’s styles of music hasn’t been defined yet because he keeps creating and wanting to create more. Yet he’s known to produce ground shaking Movie Soundtracks, Rock, Hiphop, Soul, R&B, Blues and jingles. Also listen out for the “roger that” radio call in produced music and you’ll know it’s him. You’ll love it.

NeL didn’t really want to do music, because at a very early age he wasn’t interested in his piano class. He dodged his music teachers. It wasn’t till seven years ago that he began to do incredible magic with FL Studio and a bit of imagination and creativity, which made him become so interested in music. NeL Magnum’s ultimate aim with his music life, is to produce music that the world will embrace.

Some of the few people NeL Magnum has produced include Lvin Red, C-Real, J.Town, EL, Jon Germaine, Lyanna, Alexia and Miracle Blessings.

NeL Magnum hails all the great producers here now, and before, but on a quick pick, he’ll choose Pharrell, Timbaland and Hans Zimmer as his musical inspirations. He absolutely agrees that these musicians are incredibly talented and they’ve been a great contribution to the world’s music.

NeL Magnum loves family, friends, travelling, reading, writing, social media and videogames. Movies are also his thing, but most often he’d prefer a drive around the city to meet new people in trotro rides. NeL Magnum also loves art, music, philosophy, mathematics, architecture, biology, physics, chemistry, alchemy, medicine, technology, space, sex, fantasy, sci-fi, education, and food. He strongly believes that someday his name will be in the writtens of history.

NeL Magnum’s little advice to up and coming producers is to upgrade your game, dream to do more and read The Richest Man In Babylon. That’s all I’ll say. Oh and also pray to God. God first!


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