King of Accra is a popular music producer who also is a musician in all senses.

Genres: Hip Hop , Afro Beats, Reggae, RnB

He started making beats in 2006 and his dream began when he met legendary Ghanaian music producer Hammer of The last 2 .  KOA was just a rapper then,  very passionate about his raps. To cut the long story short he (Hammer) saw something in him others and KOA himself didn’t see. So from 2001 till 2005 he mixed studying In high school with studying beats.

In 2005 KOA graduated and was waiting to further his education. During that waiting time, he practiced a lot and gained employment in some studios. His last employment led him to Sarkodie/Guru where they recorded lots of songs, and when the first single from them dropped , KOA had already started making heads turn due to the new style he introduced into the scene with his “KOA styled” hip hop beats. By then he was already in university in his sophomore year he teamed up with Sark to release what would become a hit single “Daabi” and that really set the production ball rolling for Ghanaians to accept him as a go to producer if one needed insane beats.

About inspiration i have lots of things i reach out to for inspiration like the thoughts of success, music itself inspires me and the ability to make people move also inspires me,

its hard to pinpoint all the things that motivate me to be greater but if you come from where i am from and you do not get royalties from producing great jams that get on radio then you would be motivated to elevate your status and make the situation better for the whole music scene or yourself.

KOA also derives motivation from his fans when they reach out to him on social media which makes him feel appreciated and motivated to do more.

 King of Accra Biography Profile

KOA has worked with people like Sarkodie, Guru, Big Klef, Rashid Mettal, Samini, Trigmatic, Opanka, Raquel, Edem, EL, Manifest,



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