Keche  Biography

Keche is an award-winning Ghanaian HipLife duo , made up of Andrew Kofi Cudjoe  and Joshua Kojo Ampah .  The duo have quite a number of hit songs including have Diabetes , Aluguntugui, Sokode and Slow motion

Prior to becoming Keche , Joshua was a basketball player who usually trained where Andrew was schooling (Shepherd Community 4, Tema) while Andrew was into rap and dancing. The two got familiar with each other and after crossing each other’s paths a couple more times , they decided to become the duo we all know today.

The duo have had several commercial success with their music due to their catchy titles , hooks , lyrical content and even the inspiration behind these hit songs. It therefore came as no suprise the fiancée of Ludacris sang their song on social media.

Keche is currently with George Britton records and already have new songs under the label including Shame On You, Ka Dabi , Monica and Atinka. They are also planning an album release soon.


Biography / Profile of Ghanaian music duo Keche