Supa Gaeta

Supa Gaeta

Supa Gaeta  Biography

Real name Solomon Boako-Aggrey , he was  nicknamed “Supa Gaeta” by his school friends. he is a graduate of Central University, Ghana

Genres:  Hip Hop , Afro Beats, Dancehall

Supa Gaeta happens to be both a rapper and singer and also a sound engineer, he got into beat making in 2008 which was his first year in high school.

He got into beat making  because he felt like anytime he needed a beat to use for himself,  no beat maker could play what he actually visualized. 

So he started learning FL studio and with time he could make what he wanted for himself and for others who needed him to.

Currently he has worked with the likes of Magnom, Ayat,  Kuvie and others