Bryan The Mensah

Bryan The Mensah

Bryan The Mensah  Biography

Bryan Kweku Mensah whose stage name is still the same with the exception of ‘The’ and ‘Kweku’ is a young talented rapper and producer born on 3rd January 1996. Having his primary and junior high school education at Bishop Bowers, Bryan completed his secondary education at St. Augustine’s College.

Bryan The Mensah hasn’t been in any musical competition. Honestly as much as he says he’s aware that stuff like that helps shape the artiste and his/her music, He also feel like it may make the artiste very narrow or one-way in terms of his/her creative approach. He cited a lot of cases where artistes got signed to major labels have shown that the artiste loses a bit of control over the kind of music he/she makes. But then again it depends on the nature of deal because talent management entails a lot of different aspects such as distribution, creative direction, public perspective and many others.

In reference to achievements, Bryan considers achievements as subjective. But in his case, he perceives working with amazing producers such as Jayso has helped him shaped his career. According to him, with the help of talented producer Epidemix, meeting the music genius and producer Jayso has been a dream come true since he has been one of his mentors in music growing up. Secondly, naming him as Apple Music’s New Favorite Artiste for the month of October, 2017 has been one of the greatest heights in his career yet. Also, his debut EP ‘Friends With The Sun’ was also placed 8th on the Apple Music/iTunes album Charts only on the second day of its release.

Bryan The Mensah perceives music as a broad art and therefore, artistes should have a wider approach towards it in terms of audience, distribution, business wise etc. He hopes to become one of the youngest artists doing big things for Ghanaian music .