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Joey B may not be new to the Ghanaian market but he certainly created a new sound which appeals to the international scene. Despite making past waves with the then trend, Azonto, Joey B rebrands himself with the new school of Afrobeats which seems like the new crave taking African musicians to the next level and definitely, Joey B is one artist to look out for in the future.


 New Set Of Artistes That Can Take Ghanaian Music To The Next Level

Akwaboah is that musician that comes from a family of music legends and so certainly, you will not expect anything less than pure class and excellence. His style of music is mostly soulful with a touch of African instrumentations. Sarkodie made no mistake signing Akwaboah… because i believe he will sharpen the Sarkcess Music brand towards that African sound that appeals not only to Ghanaians but to the international market. Let’s all watch out for him.


New Set Of Artistes That Can Take Ghanaian Music To The Next Level


Although he is NigerianĀ , Mr Eazi has been living in Ghana since 2007 and calls his style of music ‘Banku Music’ , a genre characterized by laid back deliveries on majorly afro-soulful instrumentals. Honestly, the news about Mr Eazi been signed onto Starboy Worldwide wasn’t a surprise to me. Wizkid has an ear for a new sound which is making waves internationally and Mr Eazi certainly has that vibe that comes with it. Hopefully, Mr Eazi can adapt to modern variations that comes with music otherwise, he may sound monotonous but he is definitely one artiste to look out for to take Ghanaian music to the next level.


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This guy came up with some buzz and after listening to Nukata as well as some songs he has done with a couple of Artistes, Worlasi is one talented guy whom I foresee doing great hooks for international stars like Jay Z or Dre and this is not even hype. It only takes hard work and consistency for such a young Ghanaian talent to be discovered. And if you think I’m exaggerating, please listen to Sarkastic which has The Highest Sarkodie on it. Thanks.


 New Set Of Artistes That Can Take Ghanaian Music To The Next Level

Next, Akan; His stage name sounds very powerful because of the history that is backed by it. Akan raps in popular Ghanaian dialect, Twi or Akan as people refer to. His flows are very deep and thought provoking. This young artist already has been able to put up a strong fashion sense which really works out for him. In my opinion, just a little direction and push from people who can may push this young Ghanaian rapper towards the world and trust me the world is not ready for him.

My article would have been quite shallow if I did not have a balanced representation of females doing very well in the music industry. Being a female writer, I would not have been fair leaving out some of the bright and fast-rising female stars we have in Ghana.


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The next will be Adomaa. She caught my attention when she begun her music career from making her versions of other people’s hit singles and this reminded me of the Pentatanix. In my opinion, that was a smart move of grabbing the attention of music lovers. I also admire her boldness of putting up her own concert – a bold step by her management and I give them a thumbs up for that. However, I would want to give out free advice to her, and as a fan, I think she should do more relatable and commercial music as certainly, Ghanaians and all music lovers have seen her zeal and direction towards music and we will all support when the need be.


New Set Of Artistes That Can Take Ghanaian Music To The Next Level

Moving on, this young lady is someone I have so much respect for. Reminiscing a feature she did with Richie called London, I respect this lady’s hustle and patience in waiting for the right time to blow up and I believe the time is now- Adina. In my opinion, she found the right person/producer who understands her style of music and to bring out the best in her which happens to be none other than the legendary Killbeatz. As music lovers, we have seen magic made by the bond that exists between Artistes and their producers and I can give countless examples. Samini and Jam Master Jay is one, Asem and Richie is another and even R2bees and Killbeatz. To me, I suggest Killbeatz handles Adina for a period of time and establish her music as we all want it to be… because I believe Adina has so much talent and having her in the right hands will take her to the next level we all want her to be In.


New Set Of Artistes That Can Take Ghanaian Music To The Next Level

I love Feli Nuna. I love her fashion sense. From her make-up to her combination of dresses to the way she carries herself about. She strikes me as one confident person and a ‘Daavi Diva’ as she describes herself. I believe her music touches you as you watch how confidently she performs it. She has a long way to go. But I believe in her seriousness, determination and that attitude which makes her strive for nothing but excellence. Way to go girl… the sky is your limit ????????

New Set Of Artistes That Can Take Ghanaian Music To The Next Level

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