Open Letter To AKA Songtress, Kaakie and MzVee

Ghanaian dancehall artiste kaakie has revealed she feels disrespected by fellow female dancehall artistes MzVee and AK Songstress. She stated this in an interview with Business mogul and TV personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, who recently celebrated 8 years of her award-winning TV show, The Delay Show.

Kaakie’s statement came after she responded to allegations that she claimed she will never work with MzVee in an interview with Sir KAY on Pluzz 89.9 fm , and she had this to say :

They asked me,   MzVee says she wants to do a collabo with you , do you want it or not ? .

I looked through my mind and i said ‘No’. So i didn’t really give any reason and i really didn’t go out talking about people…

She continued by saying that there’s a part in an adult’s life that when he or she feels disrespected , he or she has to distance themselves from whoever is disrespecting him or her.

When further asked if she was implying that MzVee had disrespected her , she responded saying:

Not just her , but AK

Watch the full interview below

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MzVee and AK Songstress Disrespected Me – Kaakie

MzVee and AK Songstress Disrespected Me – Kaakie