Producers’ Q&A is a platform where questions are put to Ghanaian Music Producers by the general public either to seek clarity or even gain information but above all , to create awareness of the Ghanaian music industry from the  Ghanaian producer’s perspective.


We asked Ghanaian Music Producers their take on requests for free beats/sessions  and here are their responses:

Artistes get pissed off when they are paid half the amount for a performance,  so they shouldn’t expect a producer to give them free production. 

Fortune Dane

Artists who ask of free beats and studio sessions are not serious to me because they will not invest 100,000 into a video if they cant invest 4000 into a song or studio work. That means that they will just be playing with your beats.


If they really want to do music they will know that studio runs on electricity and not soups.  I have seen artistes who are up coming ,coming to the studio swagged up costing about GH4000 in clothing and jewelry , yet,  be begging for discount on a song.


Producers have to give work out to people who will know the beats worth because that beat can deliver you and your family from lack, so if you just give it to anyone for free then you are throwing away your future, even if they are paying for the beat make sure they are going to be doing something good with it so 4000 is charged ,then make sure they going to shoot a video and then it will be on tv, then you can still take your royalties because its on tv and radio and on deezer and other places to generate revenue.

King Of Accra

I think its not bad to give out free beats to an act who will help elevate your brand . At a point ( not always tho) associating your name to a particular act raises your level of credibility.


Studio sessions? I ask ” what do we do when i’m working for you and my prepaid runs out …?” Should I use my money ??


  I don’t agree with artistes who want free beat especially main stream. They got the money to pay for sessions but they won’t because they feel they doing the producer a favor 

Guilty Beatz

I have 3 reasons why i will give a free beat.
You need to be in at least 3.

* If the artiste has a wide fan base I want to tap into.

* If I have other plans of working with the artiste on my project or my recording artiste’s project later .. ( For free )

* If the artiste effectively promotes his songs

* If the artiste is super talented
And the reverse is why u should pay me for the production.


A beatmaker/producer could spend hours(days), trying to figure out melodies, finding the right drums and snares that would work, the bass, types of instrument for what , arrangements ,mix etc. and a clients walks into your studio, hears 2-3mins of flawless composition and thinks its okay to just say “WOW!! This is “dope” Email this to me”…FOR FREE!?
If that’s not disrespect, i dont know what is. Its disrespect to the art most of all and disrespect to me as a fellow artist. 
After a series of such scenarios, you cannot expect any producer to be enthusiastic about their work knowing its not putting food on the table or crediting their electricity prepaid balance.
If producers got paid for all their hardwork, you would find us setting up our own studios, buying proper equipment to better our workflow and even help out underground artists who are less privileged to afford pay for studio sessions. Eventually this aids the Ghanaian music industry become better than its current state.



It Depends, u know “the system is hard”,if the artiste is an upcoming artiste,well… its okay, throw out some free beats, but its annoying when the artiste is a main stream musician who can afford it and still pleads for free beat.. Not cool.. 


Sometimes its very disheartening because I dont know whether the some Artiste forget that we also have bills to pay.


Sometimes you have to “pay your dues” by giving out free beats or studio sessions but they should at least realize that we also have bills to pay. lol 


I think artistes who ask for free beats are just not doing the right thing because producers already do not get enough credit.


However, I think the idea of free beats should come from a producer who will want to work with an artist due to the artist being well devoted to his/her craft and is constantly working to improve upon it.


In my view, if you’re an artist, you have to work hard enough for a producer to like you. That’s the only way I think the idea of free beats is acceptable. Because the Ghanaian music industry doesn’t take much care of producers as it does for artistes.