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MimLife Records music producer & artiste  Zodiac  , is out with his debut single ‘Jumping Jumping’ .  The trap tune features La Meme Gang , talks about how our age of music (trap) moves the audience to jump anytime.

Check it out !

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Jumping jumping lyrics

We don’t rest for nothing
We be i-red for everything
It’s timeless our passion
Kill the silence with the jumping jumping

Y3 si y3 hon y3 tro s3 okro
I know you no Dey bab the whole show
I know you no Dey bab how We control
Iya Yaya ya kill’em with the vibes men bo atuo

“BS Bomber call me Space
And your girl give her Space
We just fucking don’t do dates
Pay me quick dont be late
Baby girl you my taste
We the best no debate
I’m coming for you no delay
I’m so far gone where I Dey “

We tryna buy the whole Villain
And turn that shit into a sanctuary
Split up the profits,if you ain’t a part
get the fuck of the property
The juice be immortal
don’t fuck up the vibe with the negative energy
Who tell you say we & tema Dey race
Boy what the fuck is this energy?


Dem times we dey play ball for bethel park
That was 06 I see the old homies get rental cars try flex on us
Now we grow wey them no fit stand next to us
All the young boys dey look up to us
We don’t love hoes wey dey fall for us
We just tryna do it big and return to dust muhfucka

Kwaku BS
We don’t do this shit for fame
You fuckers think it’s a game
Last week I went part insane
Now I don’t recognize pain
Bitch never speak on my name
You don’t relate what we saying
Quit the playing, im just saying we just broke off the chains
Then went and copped us some chains