Themes of finding purpose and peace are explored on this Afrobeat classic by WES7AR 22. The song can be described as a spiritual Afrobeat classic – the type of music that prances you into reflections of life as you share beautiful memories with the people who mean something to you over drinks.

Sharing his perspective on the song, WES7AR alluded to the human existential quest for peace as the inspiration behind the lyrics.

‘’I created ‘Holy Water’ (a Nigerian slang for Palm wine) to highlight the importance of navigating life by one’s own terms, to see the beauty in the highs and the lows because everything that happens contributes to who we become. It is what makes us unique. We often measure success against the idea of time, without truly defining the concept for ourselves. Our timelines are created by external influences which can lead us into a panic or cause unnecessary stress. ‘Holy Water’ urges us to find peace within ourselves just as we are’’, WES7AR giving an insightful description of his vision for the song.

‘Holy Water’ is accompanied by a music video directed by Kevin Hudson and is certainly a record that will turn heads for sometime to come.

‘Holy Water’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here: