Tiwa Savage’s “Pick Up,” taps into the universal fear of heartbreak. The song portrays the anguish of a person feeling neglected by their partner, who appears preoccupied with work. The lyrics hint at the presence of another woman trying to snatch their lover away, as the protagonist desperately pleads for them to answer the call.

The accompanying artwork enhances the emotional impact, depicting the protagonist drinking while anxiously awaiting their partner’s response. It symbolizes their anxiety and impatience in the face of uncertainty.

The song captures the desire to avoid overthinking and the fear of external forces jeopardizing the relationship. The protagonist yearns for the restoration of affection and resolution of their issues. Sadly, their pleas go unanswered, leaving them in emotional turmoil.

“Pick Up” speaks to the complexities of love and the challenges of effective communication during turbulent times. With its poignant lyrics and captivating melodies, the song resonates with anyone who has experienced relationship struggles and the overwhelming emotions that accompany them.

Stream/Download ‘Pick Up’: https://tiwasavage.ffm.to/pickuptiwa