TiTi Owusu, a rising Ghanaian sensation, released her latest single “Make Me Believe (Nana)” on June 28. The song is an acoustic and Adowa fusion that highlights TiTi’s exceptional vocal talent and incorporates traditional African percussions. It showcases her deep connection to her Ghanaian heritage and seamlessly blends the rhythmic elements of Adowa with soothing melodies influenced by Ghanaian High-Life Music and Contemporary Pop Music.

“Make Me Believe (Nana)” explores the theme of hope and resilience, emphasizing the power of love to mend and restore. TiTi Owusu’s personal message behind the song is to always give love a chance, regardless of past heartbreaks. The track follows the success of her previous release, “Odo Ntia,” which also centered around the universal theme of love, displaying TiTi’s versatility as an artist and her ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

With her distinctive musical style and powerful vocals, TiTi Owusu has gained recognition in the Ghanaian music scene and beyond. Her authentic music and dedicated fanbase solidify her position as a rising star worth watching.

Stream/Download : https://tieme-music.lnk.to/MakeMeBelieve