NTDHR Music in collaboration with Riddim Stream selects some of the best musicians on ‘The Will To Chill Project’.

Top Jamaican artist Da’ville, Grammy-nominated producer and vocalist Leftside, promising singer-songwriter Adan Octave, and top Bajan singer Edwin Yearwood from the venerable band Krosfyah are featured on the Martinique-based production house’s debut project.

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The project is an all-Caribbean masterpiece that will transcend borders and serve as a record for people to relax and chill with, according to DJ Blast, the producer behind this project.

“I wanted to team up with great and talented artists I looked up to create a project that people could enjoy and chill to. This is really team work from the Caribbean to the world,” he said.

NTDHR Music’s DJ Blast (@djblast_ntdhr) produced the project, and Andrew Denny (@andrew.denny) handled the mix and mastering.

These creatives from Martinique, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Grenada deserve a lot of credit for their significant contribution to the project.

The wonderful Valene Nedd (@queenv473) added background vocals to the production to complement it.

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