Best Rapper Alive is Signal’s second track for 2021. The song also serves as a hip-hop staple for listeners with a taste for Wordplay, Punchlines, Multi-syllable rhymes, flow, charisma and bars. The song is a braggadocio, a self-confident, traumatic, and lyrical masterpiece.
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Huh, Guess whooooo! Leggo…

Verse 1:
GH boy with streams from Guatemala
You can holler for a feature
Always lit like the aurora
Y’all niggaz fade like Kodak camera
While I stand out, prima donna
Donna Karan perfume got me
Smelling like da queen’s vagina
(Shit) I’m purposeful with triple enten-dre
And my bit** yellow bone like Doja cat
Killing rappers with art
’cause I was born same year as Sarafina (uh)
On some Biggie, Pun, L anthology
Fucking with dead rappers, nacrophilia
In a room full of platinum plaques
I outshine the interior like a chandelier
Making rappers shiver to pick the mic, malaria
Couldn’t match when I came off the top
Now is written, if you try to brainstorm like me,
Y’all go bald like leukemia patient (roaring)

[HOOK: Dead or alive, Dead or alive, Dead or Alive, Dead or alive, I’m the best rapper alive]

Verse 2
Never cynical, top-tier lyrical
It’s ironical how my dad dump me
In ’92 and came back like a prodigal son
My pen mightier than the gun
The ink from my pen is divine
Than the blood of 1,000 martyrs
That’s the matter, my papa proud of me
How I run the streets and stay on top my class
First class on my resume
Rap cum laude, I’m gladly wordy
Your brains depleted like the palsy
My hoes badder than Facardi
So I’m f**king raw, no Herpes
Make that cuchi pipe like Jet Ski
I may be cocky but my tongue gifted like Tekashi
The way I 69, breaking yo bit**’ spine
Signal, I’m so fine, Guess whooooo [Regal Dynasty baby!!! (Laughter)]

[HOOK: Dead or alive, Dead or alive, Dead or Alive, Dead or alive, I’m the best rapper alive]

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