The “Wonder Boy” album launched at a fully packed Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair, last Saturday, goes to illustrate the progress made by the rebranded Shatta Wale who continues to break music charts from ”After the Storm” album (2016) to the ”Reign” album (2018) and now the “Wonder Boy” album.

Most of the songs on ”Wonder Boy” album talks about past life experience of Shatta Wale and the hard situations he had gone through but appreciates the intervention made by God in revamping and rejuvenating his music career.

The last track on the 14-track album ”Blessing Upon Me” buttresses the early point made about the strides made by the reggae-dancehall musician but the potential hitmakers on the album include ‘’ Bad Man’’, ‘’Jata Bi’’ and the already released banger ‘’Melissa’’.

The album which featured no artiste opens with the ‘’Postman Intro’’, followed by ‘’I Had a Dream’’ with ‘’Ay3 Half Cast, “By All Means”, “Be Afraid”, “California”, “Only One Man” and “Joy FM Personality Profile” completing the album.

Production for the powerful album includes Da Maker, Bullhaus Entertainment, Paq, Fantasy entertainment, Boogie Down Nima Entertainment, Gold Up Music, SM 4Lyf, and M.O.G Beatz.

If you someone that needs inspiration, then the Wonder Boy album would certainly give the needed respite to move on and thrive in your respective endeavor.