After much hype and anticipation within the week, producer duo PLUGNSIX, [Plugwill (@plvgwill) and Sixtrees (@sixtrees_)] have released their debut single ‘Cannibal’. The song features the affable Soul Singer extraordinaire Worlasi (@worlasigh) and the Hausa Rap Progidy, Kirani Ayat (@kiraniAyat), over an illustrious instrumental of trapped drums and horned bridges.

The theme of the song is Sex, and Worlasi approaches the song from the angle of a drained individual after a night with a Nymphomaniac, labeling her a ‘Cannibal’ after the arduous events of the night before. However, Ayat embraces his inner beast and melanges with the ‘Cannibal’, exploring his personal limits as to the lengths his can go with her. With Mixing and Mastering done by Plugnsix (@plugn6ix), the song and its instrumentation is an attestation to how far the production duo have come this year.

Attached is the cover art which was skillfully designed and illustrated with the creative direction of Neil Renner (@Greenz925). It encompasses the general tone of the song and introduces the moniker and digital representation of Plugnsix, ‘Obiri Gyata’, a mystic African Juju Warrior who uses music to defeat the evils of society and humanity at large. A character to be featured regularly on upcoming singles from the duo.

Stream on iTunes, Spotify etc: CLICK HERE

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