From mundane and secular beginnings, OJ Blaq’s eventful detour into gospel music must be one interesting trend to follow. Today, he releases a brand new single titled ‘His Presence’.

Essentially praising God for all the love shown him, the track is set on a rather hip-jazzy beat in low-tempo mode. He describes the the divine love of the Almighty with tactful lyrics worth listening. OJ sings on this new tune in a sober near baritone voice. The opening line, ”I feel his presence in the air, my only wish is you could feel it too” paves the way for more accolades in painting the holiness and might of the Father, God. He further asserts his unwavering belief in God’s power to save.

Seamlessly, at the tail end of the first stanza, he spits a few lines in Ga to put that needed cherry on top. The chorus blends in subtly on the wavy instrumental winding the song down to a closure.