NaaNa Blu the pretty vocal goddess has released a new birthday song to celebrate the Guantoahen of the Shama Traditional Area, Nana Kwamina Dekye I. NaaNa an indigene and resident of Shama released the song as a way of showing appreciation for the love the people of Shama have shown her so far.

It is a simple song delivered in a soulful melody that anyone can sing along to. The song was produced by Kyei Rocks – a budding singer and guitarist and mixed and mastered by the award-winning sound engineer Dethompson (DDT).

On her twitter page, NaaNa Blu tweeted this beautiful message,

“Happy birthday to you Nana Kwamina Dekye I. May God continue to bless your kind heart and may you continue being a blessing to all humanity, especially the people of the Shama Traditional Area. This song is a birthday present from me to you and everyone celebrating their birthday.

Well, since we do not want to be left out of the party, we will like to join NaaNa Blu to wish Nana Kwamina Dekye I ( Isaac Kwamina Afful) who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Lower Pra Rural Bank and the Executive Director of Radio Shama, and everyone who is also celebrating their birthday a very happy – happy birthday.

Next time instead of singing the regular happy birthday song to your loved one, why don’t you share this lovely song by NaaNa Blu with them.


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