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After a successful launch at the West Hills Mall over the weekend, the much awaited Disturbation Album by Medikal is here. 

” My Album #Disturbation Defines the journey. It consists of anything entertaining but reality.Im dropping this album for those who believed in the struggle, those who doubted our hustle and those who feel it’s too early for this.This is what Mandem wanted, this is what we prayed for,This is why we wailed, this is why we skipped classes but still came out with classics, this is why teachers have been keeping an eagle eye on me since class six, this is why we still use magnifying glasses to see the Mandem who say ‘cheers’ without glasses.This is for the street, this is for the youth, this is for the pastor and the priest. #DisturbationAlbumiSComing #AMGBusiness ” – Medikal 

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