The name Magnom is associated with greatness in Ghana’s music industry. The versatile artist has written, produced, mixed, and mastered some of the biggest songs in the history of Ghanaian music, within and outside the borders of Ghana. A little while after transitioning from a critically acclaimed producer to a performing artist, Badman Magnom took an extended break from active producing. There was a lot of chatter about the reasons behind this decision; industry pundits and fans largely alleged that he would never be able to properly balance both careers as a performer and producer.

In his new song “Take Over”, Magnom quiets the critics and establishes his prowess as a double threat. On the single, Magnom sounds a war-cry to all who attempt to step on his toes and rain on his parade. The beat is signature Magnom-esque; speckled with heavy 808s, sub-bass and kicks accompanied by a blend of orchestral instruments that blend together to form a holistically epic sound. In the lyrics, he states that this is his time and brushes aside his adversaries; perfectly matching his persona on the song to the aggression in the beat.

“Take Over” is further enriched with a catchy hook reverberating with the word “kuzo”; a plural conjugation of “come” in Hausa which the artiste uses to taunt naysayers. Depending on where you stand, there may or not be some controversial lines in the song, however, the point remains that Magnom the Producer is back in all his glory.

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