It is clear that in 2019, the plan for Magnom was to put out as much audio content as possible.   Moor Sound also got the memo and the Oovadrive artiste and RGG producer have collectively released 5  projects spanning 25 songs .

Putting their work ethic and prior relationship into perspective,It was clear that it would only be a matter of time before a collaborative project between these 2 workaholics gets released! Well, the time for it was long overdue so they decided to hop in the studio and give ya’ll something.The result of that process is a project that they have chosen to call NOW . The name “NOW”at the very essence embodies the urgency with which the 2 creatives operate and their collective state of mind. NOW is a 6 track, mostly chill mid tempo project laced with dreamy sounding instruments, reverb filled  vocals and crazy baselines and 808s.

There are songs for your crush, another for the strip club, some money making music and some ghetto gospel . Featured on the project are Ground Up Duo Quamina MP and Twitch, BBNZ duo Ko-jo Cue and Shaker and Gasmilla of Fisherman Records RGG based Copta , ANKWA and Kxng Joey of the Stone Age Clan . NOW is out on all your favorite streaming platforms so you better go and listen to it ASAP hmm, nope that doesn’t have the right ring to it… allow us to rephrase: NOW is out on all your favorite streaming platforms so GO LISTEN TO IT  NOW!

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