Feelo is a song which is essentially a description of the state of mind of a man in love. On the song, Magnom expresses his delight at the way an imaginary lady (or not) makes him feel . He is particularly happy about the fact that she has brought him bliss in more ways than one by drawing parallels between the stress he experienced during the period that she wasn’t with him and the happiness that is now a constant thing with her in the picture, to the point where he gleefully tells his woman’s mum about all the great things her daughter does for him.

Magnom also speaks about her freaky nature and her ability to match his sexual energy. Lines like“Before the badman bake up you cock one leg up” and “beat it that kitty 1000 punches in a minute that’s how she feel it” drive that point home. But lets face it, the song wouldn’t be a badman song without a reference to some under the cover action would it? Feeloo was produced by Dred W and is available on digital streaming platforms everywhere.

Stream on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/kz/album/feeloo-single/1482484649