A rising favourite voice of many in the nation and its diaspora, afro-soul singer Maayaa is thrilled to share her debut EP ‘CHAPTER RED’ with music lovers the world over. The project touches on journeying through life and love, and was produced by herself, The GentleMan, Peewezel and Ice Geezy, each bringing their expertise into weaving a quality body of work. ‘CHAPTER RED’ is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud, Aftown and other major platforms.

According to the songstress, her debut EP is the first in a trilogy of extended play projects of stories inspired by her own life – the hurt, the happiness, the uncertainty, the simple and complex sides to loving someone and herself. The honest and vulnerable English and Twi lyrics of the project are crooned in patient, soulful drawls, Maayaa’s voice sailing masterfully through the notes.

EP Maayaa - Chapter Red tracklist

With mainly soulful and RnB sounds on ‘More’ and ‘Hers’, as well as light reggae grooves on the uplifting ‘Perfect’, the music is comforting and familiar with simple piano and guitar chord progressions which allow the emotions and impacts of the themes to soak through. ‘Ride’ the fifth song on the EP, featuring the indelible Worlasi, was released earlier during the week with an accompanying music video directed by Akwadaa Nyame.

Following the warm reception given to her earlier singles ‘Limbo’ and ‘You’, the talented singer says, “‘CHAPTER RED’ is a proper introduction to Maayaa, the artist. I don’t expect this to be a walk in the park but I believe there’s space for me and the kind of music I make”.

‘CHAPTER RED’ will reintroduce you to the relatable themes of love, desire and self so sit back and let the music do its work. Enjoy!


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