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ARTISTE(S): Kuvie x Moe x Ayat


Kuvie teams up with Moe and Ayat to bring you ‘K3 Ke Mi’. The song is a blend tribal African percussion and xylophone tones with an urban hip hop feel to create an enjoyable jam that unites three popular Ghanaian dialects in perfect harmony.

Moe’s laid back delivery in Ga and English makes the song an easy listen on the audience, whilst Ayat’s contribution brings a refreshing ragga twist using Hausa and English.

Kuvie x Moe x Ayat – K3 Ke Mi

This release follows after the producer recent credits like Pappy’s Kojo’s “Awo’a”, “Ay3 Late”, E.L’s “Agbadza”, Lady Jay’s “Venus” etc and sets the mood for a sultry but edgy and danceable experience.

This song is an eye opener to what Villain Sounds has in store for the Ghanaian music industry. Enjoy Kuvie’s birthday gift to you and share with the world as we anticipate more exciting releases.

   Read About The RODUCER: Kuvie

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Kuvie x Moe x Ayat – K3 Ke Mi (Prod By Kuvie)

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