Yo Aporsor g3 g3 g3 g3 ganster
Crackheads only in the buildin

Yo nk)fo se me rap’e aa 3yaa me throw shades
Yoo m’adwa meeb3to spectacles aka ho both ways
I’m the taxi driver in this rap game no mates
I no go fit hide for microphone en back meny3 fearo I show face
If them see me norr them start dey run I got these rappers poopin
The fans no dey get enough like Mole what’s cookin
Then nobody wan hear my voice now see the crowd we pullin
They be watchin me like metro cos they see my life is boomin
I’m the goat gimme grass
Excellent I pass pass
Mole killed your favorite rapper go to twitter hashtag
Them dey see me rasclaat
Cos they think they get class
De3 ))mo kyer3 mo w) class aa y3w) school thus thrash
Yo I’m easily killin em lyrically
Skillfully dribblin you tackle me you straight to injury
Rythmtically droppin some poetry them all be feelin me
Tena ase na menkyer3 wo wai shon dey roam cos here no be Italy
Yo pulled up in the game y3se mey3 Ghana Uzi
Ghana Young Thug
Ghana Weezy
Ghana de3n de3n
Ghana ooh aaaba
Chale right now ebe like I for make the milli
Make them call me Ghana Jay Ghana Dre or Ghana Diddy
I’m the rapper your favorite rapper go rap about
Me I no go rap about your favorite rapper wetin I go rap about
)noaa )nni sauce )nte rap
Tell am make he wear some condoms wai before he try to F**k around
My flow orignal these rappers soundin chan chan chan
Any challenger b) ne din ma me hwan hwan hwan
I got the money on my mind mind mind
Yo outchea we no dey go break bell boy stop the kran kran kran
Now see some yawa rappers wey dey claim say them be baddest
Kasa k3k3 na monim Akuapem Poloo rappers
I’m a God in this game I no dey care about you belief
Make sure s3 wose ase y3 den ansa na m’ama wo beef
F**k off

Oh you bore
Oh chale chale sorry
Chale sorry
Sorry for hurtin you feelins
Bra b3gye plaster tare so bra
Bra m’anhy3 da sorry
Psych! F*ck off!

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