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The brand new single from Kobi Onyame serves as the title track to his forthcoming album of the same name. ‘Gold’ featuring fellow Ghanaian, UK based artist M3nsa of FOKN Bois/Red Red fame is an infectious blend of soulful and afro percussions, horns and bass grooves.

The song as Kobi puts it, is “an ode to all the people who keep winning silver and bronze in life…” He raps, “one day i go chop Gold winner…one day you go chop gold winner.” meaning one day you will win the gold so keep moving forward.

The infectious chorus chant of “chooku chaka chooka chaka like a train yo…” reminds you sonically of the forward movement and sounds of a train on it’s tracks moving forward and blowing off steam. Gold is out now!

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Kobi Onyame – Gold ( feat. M3nsa)

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