The 2019 release of “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time” – a collaborative EP by Kiddblack and producer Moor Sound – marks the rapper’s explosive return to creating solo bodies of work. Since the release of 2015’s“Ninja Gaiden”, Kiddblack has further expanded his fan base with his work on the well received “La Même Tape” and “La Même Tape 2: Linksters”, seeing his streams and crowds at his shows increase exponentially.

The release of “Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time” is not only a celebration of this return and display of his versatility as an artist, but it is also a pre-cursor to a full feature-length follow-up project to be released later in the year. Born from spontaneous studio-sessions, this EP revels in its effortless swagger and subtle braggadocio, as it’s laced with hip-hop party anthems that are sure to pack dancehalls and dance floors, no matter where they are played. The opening song, “Come Alive” sets the tone for a memorable project with an evocative choral introduction followed by a fast-paced delivery that provide loyal fans with the naturally cool flow and impressive lyricism they have become accustomed to from Kiddblack, while tracks like “One Two” & “Say Wassup” celebrate his own confidence and paint pictures of young men and women determined to live life to the fullest, without shame or inhibition. In “Look at My Eyes”, Kiddblack raps, “Look ay my eyes/barely surprised/I just wake up/And I reach for the skies”, adding that signature recognition of hard work and the power of ambition that makes his projects both authentic and enjoyable. The additional influence of Moor Sound – a critically acclaimed producer with a substantial fan base of his own – provides an experimental contribution with his beats, adding a new element to a Kiddblack project.

Despite its title, “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time” is anything but a flash-in-the-pan project, promising to provide up-tempo, feel good anthems that cement themselves in the minds of listeners