English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith, teams up with Grammy-nominated Ghanaian producer & DJ Guilty Beatz, as they explore the amapiano genre in their latest release ‘All Of This’.

Speaking on the collboration, Jorja said:

“I met [Guilty] when I went over to Port Antonio in Jamaica for a writing camp in 2019. He’s so wonderful to work with and when we initially started the song, it was more a fall to the floor type beat,” she says via press release. “He’s shared Amapiano playlists with me before and then during the first lockdown in 2020, he sent me a version of the song like it is now. It’s all about someone who doesn’t deserve you and thinking wow, you really had all of my once…”

Stream ‘All Of This’ on your favorite music app: https://orcd.co/allofthis