Genna announces the release of his latest EP, “Higher Calling”. This highly anticipated tape marks a pivotal moment G4 General’s career as he embraces his true calling and dedicates himself fully to his musical journey.

This body of work showcases Genna’s evolution to a higher resonance, vibrating at a frequency that aligns perfectly with his “calling”. Each song is a testament to his dedication and passion as he pours his heart and soul into every lyric and beat.

Dedicated to the streets. ‘‘Higher Calling” is more than just a body of work; it’s a prophecy. It’s a testament to the power of music, to uplift and inspire. – Genna

“Higher Calling” is a fully dancehall experience, staying true to Genna’s signature style and at the same time exploring new dimensions of sound and expression.

Stream ‘ Higher Calling’ Here:

Track 1: Journey Here, Genna reflects on a conversation with his father where he recognizes that making dancehall music is where his true purpose lies. Embracing and committing to this purpose, he believes that greatness only lies ahead. Produced by G4.

Track 2: King Already This track delves into Genna’s personal struggles and insecurities as he navigates this Journey. Confidently asserting his worth, Genna declares himself a King who seeks no validation from anyone. Produced by Webzy

Track 3: Different The transformative effect of realizing one’s life purpose. Genna recognizes that this sets him apart from others. He embraces his evolution; entering into a season of self-discovery and growth. Resonating at a higher frequency with a unique mindset. Produced by Webzy

Track 4: Fate This track sums up Genna’s belief in destiny and the guiding force that has led him to his current path. A reminder that brighter days lie ahead for those who follow their dreams. Produced by Psychoworldwide

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