”  Peter Famiyeh Bozah known in the music world as Fameye has released a new song titled ‘BarMan’ produced by Kin Dee who has been behind most High-Life hits in Ghana. The TETEPA MUSIC artiste has always showcased creativity by bringing the good old “Palmwine” Highlife music concepts and modernizing it.

The song ‘BarMan’ is definitely another crazy and refreshing piece! The song saw Fameye talking about a fun scene which involves a drinking Bar/Pub or Spot as Ghanaians will say. The focus gets on the ‘BarMan’ because apparently, he’s usually the source of happiness and the most mentioned person at the drinking bar.

In my review, I will say Fameye becomes the Bar Man in the song and definitely the source of happiness to those who have worked hard through the week, have nothing fun doing, depressed or simply have no friends.

The modernized High-Life instrumentation nailed by Kin Dee will grace every occasion linked to celebration. Check out the song below and enjoy… “