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The fourth installment of the B.A.R (Best African Rapper) mixtape is here. The release comes after the launch of the mixtape with the B.A.R Concert by the multiple-award-winning rap star, singer and producer, E.L at the Alliance Française .

The mixtape features artistes likes of Kev , Black-O, Rjz, Jayso, Joey-B, Ko-Jo Cue , Shaker, Mo, Bayku , M.Anifest, Lj, Adomaa, Kwakubs, and Raquel.

On the production aspect of things , we have the likes of E.L himself , KB, Mike Millz , Jayso , Peewezel , The Avengers, Kuvie , King Karnov, LXXXVIII (Ghost) and AceKeyz. 

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